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“Conversely, bright clouds suggest a gentle rain, the kind that descends in such a way so that the ground can absorb all of it.  It does not waste itself. Spiritually speaking…. bright clouds stand for a source of small, easily comprehended Truth-laden publications packed with "meat in due season," Truth that comes in portions easy to take in, easy to assimilate all of It, and thus to develop the recipient of It for the "Master's" use and for His service.”                     Timely Greetings, Vol. 1, No. 17               5


Likewise, irrespective of considerations of personnel faults, frailties, and failings, Elijah's message and movement will be the only God-sent ones, the only ones to fear, to love, to stand by, to live or to die for.  No, there will be no other shield when heaven opens and the storm breaks in all its dread fury upon the world, to unavoidably pour down its lethal lightning from the skies.                                 

{General Conference Special        9}

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“Then, too, spiritual "latter rain" must fall as freely and without cost to the recipients as does literal rain.  Thus it is that never before has the world witnessed so much absolutely free literature scattered away as this literature is.  Millions!  So it is that these small comprehensive publications, the bright clouds, laden with present Truth, are now being scattered as leaves of autumn throughout Laodicea to every church member, "to every one grass" in the vineyard of the Lord….”                                                                Timely Greetings, Vol. 1, No. 17               5

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